🌀For Developers

The Agnostico protocol use cases cuts across different categories of potential users, First, we have the people who provide value by sharing their codes on the platform. And on the other hand, we have people who are in need of these values, who would come to deploy these smart contract codes from our platform so they can get the full value of web3 for their businesses. After careful observations and a series of market and user researchs carried out, we were able to group our target users into two major categories 1. Developers and 2. Non-developers


The developers (Devs) in the Agnostico community are the MVPs, they are the smart contract developers who create value by sharing and publicizing their codes on the platform to make reusing them by others as easy as deploying a contract without writing a single line of code. Instead of leaving your codes idle on Github and etherscan / bscscan / polygonscan, they share their codes with the Agnostico platform to become a part of our dynamic community.

The second category of developer target users we were able to identify are those who do not wish to go through the rigor of re-creating already existing use cases but instead would prefer to easily deploy the smart contract codes they need from the Agnostico platform thereby saving lots of development time.

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