💸Fees And Royalties


Using the Agnostico protocol comes with little fees here and there ranging from Network fees to deployment fees.

Network / Deployment Fees:

To share your codes, you only need to spend transaction fees to add the IPFS' CID of your code to the Agnostico contract. To deploy a code, you pay a transaction fee + a meager Agnostico fee which is available on the deploy page.


There are a couple of ways to make money off the Agnostico protocol which include, but are not limited to

Creator Royalties

Devs who share their codes on the Agnostico platform ( also called creators) are entitled to earning a fraction from the deployment fees in form of royalties each time their codes are being deployed. this deployment fee is paid by the people who wish to deploy contracts from the platform. The total deployment fee will be shared between Agnostico and the developer who shared the code or the creator. Creators earn their royalties in native tokens like BNB, ETH, etc.

Bounty Hunt

Agnostico is open to sharing codes and deploying them. We currently do not have the capacity or facility to audit codes that are shared or confirm their safety so we decided to employ the bounty hunter method that rewards Devs who are able to scrutinize the contracts and are able to report malicious contracts uploaded on the platform.

I am a solidity dev, I just noticed a malicious code was shared and anyone could deploy it, what do I do?

You can add a comment to the code, you can downvote it, and/or send us a mail at info@agnostico.xyz.

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