💠Deploying Code From Agnostico

Why Use Agnostico?

  • Ease of Deployment: Agnostico simplifies contract deployment so that with a few clicks, you can deploy your contract to the blockchain of your choice. You don't need to write a single line of code.

  • Cheap Cost Of Deployment: There is a flat price for all the contract code being shared. You won't need to pay exorbitant prices for contract creation or spend time writing your own contract.

  • Exposure: You have access to diverse smart contract developers that you may contact directly for your personal gigs.

  • Open Source: You will be supporting open-source developers by deploying their code, further encouraging the massive adoption of cryptocurrency.

  • You Can Create Too: Since anyone could share their codes, you too can share your code with the Agnostico community and enjoy the benefits.

  • You Have A Say:

Steps To Deploy From Agnostico


  • A non-custodial wallet browser extension. Metamask recommended.

1. Find the contract you would like to deploy

a. Click on the Deploy navigation link on the top of the page as shown below

b. Click the More... button on the contract of interest to see more details about that contract. As shown in (2) above.

c. Click on the Deploy button if satisfied with the information

d. Enter the arguments as presented if any, then click on Deploy to deploy to live blockchain.

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