🧩Composable Contracts

Coming Soon......

The smart contract composability feature gives users the ability to combine multiple contracts to create new systems or outputs. each individual smart contract is seen as a unit and can be deployed as such, but what if one could bring multiple units of contract into a single module and deploy them as a new output A good way to understand composability is to think of composable elements as Lego blocks. Each Lego can be combined with another, allowing you to build complex structures by combining different Legos.

We have through the Agnostico protocol created a very user-friendly platform that supports smart contract composability, which means that a user can literally come onto the Agnostico platform and simply throw a few contracts into the cart and deploy them as a single unique system or output. This Amazing feature will help to further simplify things for users who intend to deploy multiple contracts, and even save them lots of development time.

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