How do I get on board With Agnostico?

Simply signup on the Agnostico website, and share or deploy your first contract. Don't forget to follow all our community handles to get notified first on all feature updates.

The Agnostico protocol community is very broad and one could learn a lot on the blockchain by being a part of us.

The Agnostico marketplace

Apart from deploying contracts from our platform, creators can also sell off their ownership of contracts to interested buyers at a price, the buyer or current owner could also decide to sell at a higher price.

I want to engage the developer who shared their code. How can I reach them?

The contact info of the creator of a code is attached to the token view details.

I have different questions. How do I reach you?

you can reach out to us at info@agnostico.xyz. you can as well ask questions on any of our community platforms and our support agents will reach out ASAP!

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